His Holiness
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
who introduced Transcendental Meditation to the world forty-four years ago and opened the gateway of enlightenment to millions of people, is now offering his supreme system of defence to bring invincibility to every nation and perpetual peace to the world family
‘Military is purposeful only if it has the indomitable power of invincibility, with the natural ability to prevent the birth of an enemy.
My Vedic Technology of Defence offers this indomitable strength of invincibility to the military of every nation’


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A Glimpse of Forty-Three Years
Around the World

HIS HOLINESS MAHARISHI MAHESH YOGI, founder of Transcendental Meditation and the worldwide Spiritual Regeneration Movement (1957); introduced research in the field of consciousness and brought to light seven states of consciousness (1957–1967); created a new science—the Science of Consciousness, the Science of Creative Intelligence—and trained 2,000 teachers of this new science (1972) [by now 40,000]; discovered the Constitution of the Universe—the lively potential of Natural Law—in Rk Veda, and discovered the structuring dynamics of Rk Veda in the entire Vedic Literature (1975); celebrated the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment on the basis of the discovery of the Maharishi Effect (1975).

Maharishi created a World Government for the Age of Enlightenment with its sovereignty in the domain of consciousness and authority in the invincible power of Natural Law (1976); introduced the TM-Sidhi Programme and the experience of bubbling bliss in Yogic Flying to create supreme mind-body coordination in the individual and coherence in world consciousness (1976); formulated Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government, Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Education, Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Health, Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Defence, Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Economy, Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Management, and Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Law and Order to raise every area of life to perfection (1977); brought to light the commentary of Rk Veda, Apaurusheya Bhashya, as the self-generating, self-perpetuating structure of consciousness (1980); organized the centuries-old scattered Vedic Literature as the literature of a perfect science—Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology (1981).

Maharishi brought to light the full potential of Ayur-Veda, Gandharva Veda, Dhanur-Veda, Sthapatya Veda, and Jyotish to create a disease-free and problem-free family of nations (1985); formulated his Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth for the reconstruction of the whole world, inner and outer (1988); brought to light Supreme Political Science to introduce ‘Automation in Administration’ and create conflict-free politics and a problem-free government in every country; inspired the formation of a new political party, the Natural Law Party, in an ever-increasing* number of countries throughout the world to enrich and support national law with Natural Law, and in this way promoted a practical procedure to actualize his Absolute Theory of Government (1992); inaugurated Global Ram Raj—Global Administration through Natural Law (1993).

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Maharishi discovered the Veda and Vedic Literature in the human physiology, establishing the grand unity of all material diversity of creation—of all sciences and of all religions (last quarter 1993). This has heralded the Dawn of the Vedic Civilization, civilization based on pure knowledge and the infinite organizing power of Natural Law—life according to Natural Law—where no one will suffer; all will enjoy the eternal glory of God—Heaven on Earth.

Maharishi has established and continues to establish Maharishi Vedic Universities, Maharishi Ayur-Veda Universities, and Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Medicine throughout the world to offer mastery over Natural Law on every level of education—from kindergarten to PhD—to every individual, and to perpetuate life in accord with Natural Law—perfection in every profession—and create a Natural Law-based problem-free government in every country—governments with the ability to prevent problems (1993–1994).

Maharishi introduced programmes for prevention in the fields of health and security, to create healthy national life and an invincible armour of defence for the nation, by introducing new prevention-oriented programmes of Maharishi Ayur-Veda—Maharishi’s Vedic Medicine—for perfect health, and by introducing the programme for a PREVENTION WING in the military of every country to disallow the birth of an enemy just by training a small percentage of the military in the Vedic Technology of Defence—the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying (1994).

In 1995, Maharishi established Maharishi University of Management in the USA, Japan, Holland, and Russia to eliminate the problems of management and improve the health, creativity, and good fortune of management everywhere.

Introduction of the knowledge of Natural Law in every field of management will actualize the evolutionary direction for every area of human concern.

Maharishi’s Corporate Revitalization Programme is now being introduced in companies in the USA, Europe, India, and Australia to restore profitability and vitality to failing industries, and improve the performance of successful organizations.

Maharishi University of Management offers practical programmes to prevent and eliminate problems of public administration, by bringing the support of Natural Law to national law.

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* By the year 2000, the Natural Law Party was active in eighty-five countries.

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